TFP exists to enrich the lives of its students through intensive English-language training, sports education, and community service.

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Who we are

Teach for Palestine (TfP) was founded in 2009 by Sean Canavan and Lana Khalaf.  Sean, an American, lived in Nablus for many years and has more than 15 years experience in the education sector.  Lana is a Palestinian-American educator with vast experience in the local area.

Teach for Palestine has undergone many changes in recent years and today the Executive Director is Sarah Mixon and Carl Gibson serves as Assistant Director.

Finally, and most importantly, each semester TfP usually recruits 5 teachers and a number of interns, who work with us for a minimum of three months. Our staff members come from numerous English-speaking countries across the globe!

What we do

Teach for Palestine brings internationally trained teachers to the West Bank to work with girls in grades 3-8, who have few other opportunities and little meaningful access to English.

TfP has an interactive, communicative approach to teaching English, which aims to develop our students’ critical thinking, social awareness, and confidence, in addition to their language skills. We employ a bespoke curriculum, which draws on the curriculum that our students follow in school; this is supplemented by many other fun activities, devised by our teachers. The challenge for TfP teachers is to find innovative and exciting ways to teach the valuable topics of the Palestinian curriculum.

Outside the classroom we run a football league for the girls from all of our sites. We have also been able to take our students on excursions, ranging from Qalqiliya Zoo and Jacob’s Well to local animal shelters and swimming lessons.

Why we do it

English is a necessity in the modern Palestinian economy and many career opportunities require a level of English that most schools in Palestine cannot offer their students. More than this, we believe that communicative abilities in English will allow our students to flourish in many, varied aspects of their lives.

TFP serves Balata and New Askar refugee camps, as well as several villages around Nablus (currently, Deir al-Hatab and Qoseen). Girls and young women at these sites have very few opportunities. TfP’s aim is to open a few more doors (and have some fun in the process!)


TFP is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  We are funded primarily through donations from the public.  In the beginning TFP was funded exclusively by Munib Amad, who has continued to be our biggest supporter and our strongest advocate in the community.  We now have dozens of different funders as well as grants from different organizations but we remain extremely grateful to Munib and the Amad family for their generous support and continued involvement.


Watch a video about Teach for Palestine and how we work

5 thoughts on “

  1. What you are doing is exceptional and most appropriate. Anything that is done to help mitigate the serious impact of poverty and other obstacles to free expression, learning, economic growth and development, and oppression in any form is commendable. With all of the recent events illustrating the significant rise in populist stands for freedom and human rights, it is exceedingly encouraging to see that Teach for Palestine is making a positive difference without violence or political overtures. You are doing things well and right; you deserve much support to ‘keep it up!’ I intend to become part of your support net!

    Thank you!!!

  2. Do you have a summer program for teachers there? I’m a certified teacher from Atlanta, GA (USA) extremely interested in your program.

  3. Great news from Palestine! It is wonderful to read about the fantastic learners who are benefiting from studying English, and it is nice to know that many dedicated teachers of English are serving Palestinian youth and their families. Heartwarming, indeed!!!

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